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Op deze pagina vind je engelse geboorteteksten en geboortegedichten voor op het geboortekaartje. Deze voorbeeldgedichtjes mag je direct overnemen op het geboortekaartje van jouw kindje, je mag de tekst ook naar eigen wens aanpassen.

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How do you spell love
You don’t spell it, you feel it!



Home is wherever I’m with you



Life is a gift and the Giver is good



A love like no other


We had a dream, it was you
We made a wish and you came true



Love never fails



I love you, way past forever



Any day spent with you
Is my favourite day



Your little hands stole our heart
And your little feet ran away with it



First we had each other
Then we had you
Now we have everything



We love you, way past forever



I was born from one love of two hearts



First we had each other
Then we had you
Now we have everything



Love makes a family



Forever your, forever mine, forever ours



Another sweet soul to brighten our day
Another small hand to hold on the way



9 months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime



From love you were created
with love you wil grow
In love we have waited
To forever hold you close



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